Cultural outing: Picasso Museum

Last Friday, some of us attended a very interesting visit to Picasso Museum, located in Barcelona, more specifically, in the Gothic neighbourhood. We took the train with some other students to get there, and, after that, we listened to a very fascinating explanation about the painter and his paintings given by our Art’s history teacher.

Picasso Museum is a place where some of his important paintings are exposed. And not only this, but also most of the sketches and notes he draw and wrote during all his life are there. As a result of this,  this museum has become an area of knowledge reference about Picasso’s hole life since 1963, when it was opened to the public. This great artist is shown to people by more than four thousand different art works, which compose the permanent collection, and also with some really new ones that have just arrived from Paris, where he spent almost half of its life.

Picasso had different periods of his life, according to his feelings and the situations he went through. The most popular are the Blue period and the Cubism, which have a very characteristic style and also a very surprising way to see the world. Some of his most important paintings are Guernica, Motherhood, The three musicians, Life and Avignon young ladies.


By: Ariadna 

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