Festa Major in Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Last weekend in Sant Feliu, we have been celebrating the Festa Major for 4 days. There were different activities to do in this festival. One of them is the Seguici, where some groups of people make representations, for example a group of Castellers, which is a group of people that makes human castles. The Seguici is the act were all the groups or “penyes” arrive at the Lluís Companys square and celebrate making dances and acts. They also make the Correfoc that is a travel through all the city with fireworks and other similar things.

Most of the people like those acts and they take it like a tradition, but there’s something else that makes the Festa Major a great event: the Fair. The Fair is a street in front of the firemens that is full of attractions, fast food locals and restaurants and shops, mostly prepared for the kids and the teenagers, for a weekend.

Lots of people enjoy these weekend participating and watching all the activities that the city prepares for its people.


By: Diego, Robert, Ignasi & Gerard

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