Game of Thrones

I love game of thrones. I have to say this because I can’t be impartial to this series.

GOT (as it’s usually called) sets in a medieval world different to ours with dragons giant walls of ice but the series concentrates more in the characters rather than in magic or imaginary creatures.

The series starts with the death of Jon Arryn the hand of king Robert and his proposal for Ned Stark to be his new hand. The story starts here but it divides and tells lots of them: the story of the dwarf brother in law of the king Tyrion (he’s the real boss), the story of the daughter of the overthroned king Daenerys and a big etcetera. With time lots of characters die but the story is so well told that you understand why they die and get surprised at the same time. Some people don’t catch the things that happen in the series but if you try hard or you watch it with passion like me, you will catch up quickly.


The characters are very well described, you love some of them and you hate others but all have complex personal ties more than tridimensional.

It has some spectacular scenes the battle of Blackwater starts the moment of grayness of the series. In the not so good moments (but still very good) we have the battle of Winterfell and other great moments. Explosive I must say.

By: Diego 

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