Lime Lamp and Will O’ Wisp

Here we are going to talk about two life hacks we’ve seen on YouTube. We’re going to explain you how to make them.

Lime Lamp

First, we’re going to explain how to make a “Lime Lamp”:

With a light bulb and a USB, you take the end of both and you stick them with a sticker. Then, you take a lime and you make a hole on the top of it and you insert the light bulb inside, living the USB outside the lime. Then, with your laptop, you plug the USB and the light bulb will iluminate converting the lime in a little lamp.

Will O’ Wisp

And for the end, we’re goig to teach how to make the fire of a lighter seem like a “Will O’ Wisp”:

First, you take off the ink from the pen and then you take the part of the bottom. Then, you take the lighter and you take off the part where the flames come out and you put some ink in there. When you insert again the part of the lighter, try to turn on the lighter and the fire will come out a rarely way. 

By: Robert, Ignasi & Gerard


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