Solutions to routine problems or situations

First of all I’m going to show you how to make an easy hack that will help you hang keys, papers, pens… We only need a tennis ball and a scissor, because we just need to cut the ball by the middle and then just draw some eyes the make the ball cutter.


The second life hack I’m going to show you is a life hack based on how to fill a cube of mop if you don’t have space. We just need a dust pan and a water tap and patient. Put the dust pan down de water tap and the mop cube under all. We just have to let water flow the water and it will finally go in the cube.

The third and final life hack is the cupholder shoe. We just need a glass of coca-cola, fanta… and a shoe. Take out your shoe and put the glass in the hole of the shoe.

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By: Bernat F

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