In this post, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the Spanish education system, deeply in what is called ESO and Batxillerat the equivalence of secondary / middle- high school in other countries such as America, the UK or others.

In spite of having the same rules about the things we have to learn by the end of the E.S.O, many schools offer different ways of learning. In our school, we focus on having a higher level in maths, biology or history but, even though the importance of the languages, we don’t have the level we should have in English, French or any other language that would help us in our communication around the world.

Despite the critics that our educational system has received from other countries we have some good things to be proud of. We are well prepared to access to the university and to choose a good decision about the degree that we will do because since we are young our parents and our teachers are helping us with everything related to this. The content of the subjects in our country is at a high level if we compare it to the United States, Canada or France, so that if we want to do a gap year we may have problems at the back to start again the course.

Although we have nice aspects, we can do it much better. From our point of view, the exam to access to the university (P.A.U) is not necessary at all. We consider that the mark given in the two Batxillerat degrees in enough to calculate the mark to access to the university.

To conclude, we have to improve in our education system to balance all our subjects and our knowledge.


By: Maria, Eric and Marc A

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