Gwyneth Shepherd, born in 1994, is now 16, the age at which those few who inherit the time-travel gene start to travel at unexpected times into the past. This can obviously be quite inconvenient as well as dangerous.

Gwyneth never gave much thought to time travel, while her cousin Charlotte has been preparing for it since she was born. Anyway, Gwen has the power of seeing and communicating with ghosts from the past.

According to the old writings, there is often a pair of travellers alive at any one time: a male and a female. Gideon, who’s eighteen, has already been active for two years. Suddenly, the chosen female turns out to be Gwen, not Charlotte, and Gwen is thrust into a life for which she was not prepared at all.

This is the first novel from an amazing German trilogy, Ruby Red has already amassed an
impressive international following. As far as trilogies go, Ruby Red is one of those first novels that do not tie things together. Much more of an introductory piece with a few twiststhrown along the way, Ruby Red sets the stage for revelations to come.

For those lazy readers, there’s also the film.

By: Martina

Review Ruby Red.jpg

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