The invisible girl is a crime novel written by a well-known Spanish writer whose nickname is Blue Jeans. It was published in 2018 and a huge amount of copies were sold in just a few months.

This book tells the story of a girl called Aurora who has decided to cut off from the people around her because of some upsetting things that have happened to her. So, everyone treats her as if she was invisible. One night of May, when her mother arrives home she doesn’t find her there and she worries a lot. The next morning, her body appears in the changing room of her high school, dead, with a blow in her head and a compass next to her.

The police begins an investigation about the case and, Julia, a teenager girl who’s the daughter of one of the policemen who are carrying out the investigation and the forensic surgeon, starts her own probe to work out the mystery. In company with her best friend, Emilio, and with her prodigiuos memory and deduction abilities, she’ll try to help her parents to get to the murderer of her classmate Aurora. Will she be able to get the answer?


BY: Ariadna.

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