The main character is a boy called Josh, who is 16 year old. He is from the United States, but during the history he lives in Poitiers. He started suffering from migraines a long time ago, just like his mother, who died twelve years ago in mysterious circumstances, when the family lived in Boston. After a migraine more intense than usual, an unknown Internet user communicates with him and reveals that his brain has the ability to read the thoughts of others to enter their flow of consciousness (in the story this is called “flow”), skill that he must learn to control. Skeptical at first, little by little he discovers how to handle his power. He reveals his skill to Axel, a high school classmate and computer expert, who helps him discover the identity of his interlocutor.

The story alternates with the story of the investigation conducted twelve years ago by the FBI agent in charge of the case of the death of Josh’s mother.

This is a very good book written by Michael Threvont. It is a mystery book which, if you start reading, you won’t give it up until the end.

Buy it and tell us your opinion about it!

flow book

BY: Gerard and Robert.


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