iPhone Xs

We are going to talk about the new iPhone Xs. It was on sale in 2018. We are going to talk
about its qualities, its color and why you should buy it.
There are two different sizes, a big one and a normal one: a ¡phone Xs has 5,8” and the
iPhone Xs Max has 6,5”.
The iPhone Xs has the possibility to be water ressistant for 30 minutes and 2 meters. The
battery has a long duration. To unlock the new iPhone you only need your face so you don’t have to write your password, this is the first time that Apple has used face recognition to unlock an iPhone. This iPhone can also take pictures in a very good quality and you can take out of focus photos.
If you decide to buy the iPhone, you can choose between three colors: gold, space gray and silver, and you can also choose its size.
We hope that you buy it and that all the information that we have given you has helped you to take your decision.
See you soon.

iphone xs
By: Ana and Sofia

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