Our school is called Escola Mestral. It is small because it only has one line but the installations are bigger than in other schools. One positive thing of this school is that it is placed in the mountain. That’s why we have bigger and wrinkled playgrounds.

Since P3 until now we have been in just two of the three playgrounds: Parvulary playground, El pati dels ametllers and next year we will be in the one of the parking lot.

At one o’clock the dining room opens and, depending on the day, the schedule is different; so, when Marta, the coordinator, advises us, we can enter to eat lunch. The school has also computers, laptops, ipads for the students to use in class hours to do researches or prepare presentations.

During the last years the school has changed a lot. This year the corridors of Primary and Parvulary have been renewed with sofas, tables and shelves for the children’s bags.

We are very lucky because our school offers students attention. These are some hours where the teachers are available to help students with questions about their subject.


By: Èlia and Sofia