Healthy habits

Here there are some recommended healthy habits that will defifitely help you to have a better lifestyle: Drinking water and staying hydrated is at the top of the list, but it may also help you lose weight. Do some exercises that make your body move. It's great for your body and mind. Just 30 minutes … Continue reading Healthy habits

Moschino X H&M

One of the most expensive brands in the world has recently joined the movement of collaborating with a cheaper one. This is the case of Moschino x H&M. The show has taken place in the Public hotel of New York. This collection is based on animated drawings, especially Mickey Mouse ones, and above everything on … Continue reading Moschino X H&M

No worries about having a glass on your working table

This life hack is one of the most useful ones. It is simple, cheap and quickly to prepare. Moreover, it will help you during your working time, avoiding huge problems such as getting your homework wet because your drink has dropped or damaging your computer for the same reason. To do it, you just have … Continue reading No worries about having a glass on your working table